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"Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ since 2007." 

"Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ since 2007."

Ask for Jesus' mercy today and 

Gain or Restore Spiritual Union with 


Father, Son–Jesus Christ, and Holy 


Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and 

Savior and have your sin debt and the 

guilt that accompanies it wiped away!

Our heavenly Father is consumed with 

love for you! Commit yourself to Jesus 

and trust in His mercy today!    

(Picture: "The Return of the Prodigal Son," by Rembrandt).

If you are not Roman Catholic, click on “Join the Roman Catholic Church” and follow the instructions. If you are already Roman Catholic, follow these conversion steps today, trust in Jesus' mercy and be restored to the state of grace, to a certain union with God  – Father, Son–Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit – and full communion with His Church:

 I. Perceive God Correctly, Repent, and Commit Yourself to Him, then profess belief in the One, True Roman Catholic faith. 

You are dearly loved by God — Father, Son — Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit – and were given life for the purpose of living in spiritual union with Him and inheriting eternal life! Admit you’re a sinner — have transgressed His divine laws — and need Jesus Christ, God the Father’s only begotten Son, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, as YOUR Lord and savior! Remember, God loves you and is merciful. Trust in Jesus' mercy. Follow these steps to commit your life to God:

  1. Repent — ask the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name to help you recognize your sins, especially all grave or deadly sins and express sorrow for them. 

2. Next, resolve never to practice sin, especially all mortal or deadly sin (see 1 John 5:16). Ask Jesus for the grace to gain the state of grace and maintain it. Further, resolve to calmly ignore, pray through and overcome temptations by the help of God’s grace.  (See paragraphs 1852-76 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to gain an understanding of deadly or mortal sin and its effect on your relationship with God as well as your soul.)  

3. Now confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior and willfully accept His sacrificial death as full payment for your sin debt. He is the Eternal Word of God who came into the world to die in atonement for the sins of humanity — our sins – to give us the opportunity to gain spiritual union with God (the Holy Trinity) culminating in perfect spiritual union. ASK our loving, heavenly Father — your heavenly Father who loves you – in our loving savior, Jesus Christ’s name for the grace (the undeserved help) to not commit mortal sin, to help you grow in virtue and think as He thinks. Remember, when you accept Jesus' sacrificial death as full payment for your sins all of the guilt that went with the performance of your sins is also erased! For this purpose Jesus went to the cross for us -- to redeem us and win for us the grace (we need) to be restored spiritually, to gain spiritual life!

II. Embrace the Works of God and His Church – Works which Enable US to Gain and Maintain Spiritual Union with God AND His Church.

  Admit you need the sacraments of the one, true Roman Catholic Church. They were instituted by Jesus Christ, our Savior, to automatically confer grace to us — to give all of the faithful the undeserved help and gifts we need to gain and maintain spiritual union with Him. Willfully choose to believe the Holy Eucharist (the host consecrated by a validly ordained priest) truly is the body, blood, soul and divinity (the divine person) of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though it retains the accidents — the appearance and taste of bread — once it is consecrated by the priest the substance is changed into the actual body and blood — the whole divine person — of our savior  (see Luke 24:30,35, 1 Cor. 11:23-26 also the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs 1088 and 1353). *(See paragraphs 1415, 1417, 1650-51 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.) 

Note: only validly baptized Catholics who have gone to sacramental confession, received absolution and live in the state of grace can receive the Holy Eucharist. There are important spiritual reasons for this: in order to receive holy union and sharing with our Lord in the Holy Eucharist a soul must first be cleansed and made acceptable in His sight (be absolved from deadly sin and receive His forgiveness and that of His Church) and also be committed to the discipline of Christ, to follow Christ as He has declared we must follow Him (obediently, through His Church, ready to give the obedience of faith — see Romans 6:16-18). Respect Church teaching on the Eucharist. Only receive our Lord in a worthy manner for not doing so will negatively impact you spiritually.  (See 1 Cor.11: 27-30). 7. If Catholic, ask our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph to guide you, to help you find a good, spiritually sound parish.

III. Commit Yourself to Practice Moral Conduct in Conformity with God’s Will.

1. RESPECT the order and form of creation. Give due measure (be just) to God and your neighbor. Do not prevent your neighbor from receiving his needs or from pursuing legitimate desires.

 2. Keep in mind what the Church teaches on key moral matters (see the third part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church):

with regard to contraceptive practice and disordered sexual behavior, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church (paragraphs 2337-2360); With regard to Respect for Persons and their Goods see the Catechism, paragraphs 2402 -2437.

E-Mail us if you need assistance.

 IV. Commit Yourself to Formal, Daily Prayer.

 1. Attend as often as possible and pray the Mass at a parish that accepts and teaches the faith according to the faith and moral teachings in the Baltimore Catechism and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (whether it be the Tridentine — Extraordinary form of the Mass or the Novus Ordo — Ordinary form of the Mass – English Mass).

2. Pray the Rosary. Pray five decades every day even if you can't say it all at once and give the grace you merit to our Blessed Mother. Simply state, "I give all the grace I merit to you, Most Blessed Mother, to apply as you wish." Mary is our spiritual Mother and will help you!

3. Adore — spend time with — our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

If you’re not Catholic, BECOME CATHOLIC: ask our savior for the gift of Catholicism and follow the above steps for a Catholic. Contact us at and we will guide you into the Church. *CLICK ON “THE STATE OF GRACE,” after you visit this page, to learn precisely how to gain and maintain the state of grace. E-MAIL US IF  WE CAN BE OF HELP:

Our savior, Jesus Christ, loves YOU and is the true beloved King of your soul. He alone is God with the Father and the Holy Spirit and gave His life for love of you!

Discover the joy of living in union with God, in full communion with Him and His Church.  Repent and seek HIM through the one, true Roman Catholic faith today!

“Praise the Lord, all nations,

Extol Him all peoples,

For great is His steadfast love toward us;

and the faithfulness of the Lord

endures forever.” 

(Psalm 117, RSV Catholic Edition, Oxford University Press, NY)


REJOICE! YOU are loved by God!

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