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"Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ since 2007." 

"Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ since 2007."

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Classically Offered Theological  Courses

The Catholic Evangelization Society offers traditional and online courses for those interested in gaining advanced, Collegiate level theological understanding at a reasonable price. Our courses are offered only by trained Masters of Theology (those who have earned an accredited Master of Arts in Theology from a genuine Catholic University, one whose faculty possesses the mandatum, who pledge fidelity to the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church). These Masters of Theology provide instruction in line with Church teaching -- they bring only accurate, truthful interpretive stances based on the Church's tradition to the study of theology without "Catholic Lite" creativity. Gain deep theological understanding at a reasonable price from professional instructors. Contact us today! E-mail us at 

Current Course Offerings:

Introduction to Biblical Studies

This "top to bottom" class covers the history, essence, role and place of Sacred Scripture and in detail shows how to accurately interpret the Sacred texts. Complete relation of the Old to the New Testament is also covered. This is a great course for any Catholic Christian who truly wants to gain accurate, fundamental understanding of Sacred Scripture. 

Offered next in the Summer of 2017

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Mary and Her Relation to the Church

Who the Blessed Virgin Mary is in relation to God and the Church and the work she has performed (and continues to perform from heaven) is examined in this popular course. Devotion to her from the earliest times, her appearances throughout the Church's history, and God's message to the Church through her (as an instrument) are featured in this wonderful presentation.

Offered next in the Summer of 2017.

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