Catholic Evangelization Society 
"Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ since 2007." 

"Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ since 2007."

"Thou Champion high

of heaven's imperial Bride,

Forever waiting on her eye,

Before her onward path, and at her side,

In war her guard secure, by night her ready guide!"

- John Henry 


                St. Michael the Archangel, 

  defeating and chaining Satan in Hell

                           by Guido Reni

About St. Michael, God's Marshall

"Spiritual writers assure us that, 'as the chosen people of the Old law were marvelously protected by St. Michael, so we may not doubt that this great Prince of heaven protects the Church of God in a still more signal manner. Under the New Law as under the Old, St. Michael is the 'Vicar of the Most High and the Prince of His people,' ever prepared to render assistance. With one accord the holy fathers of the Church teach that St. Michael is the Guardian Angel and the protector of the Catholic Church...'"

"He is special in his beauty...

tender, patient, empathetic...

Oh, St. Raphael, Medicine of God, Angel of happy meetings, of peace and of joy, we beseech thee, cure our infirmities of soul and body in virtue of the Divine Blood of Jesus, source of all healing graces."5 

Picture: St. Raphael Refusing Tobias' Gift, 

by Giovanni Biliverti

St. Raphael, Medicine of God

"St. Raphael, whose name signifies, 'Medicine of God,' seems to be at the head of the angelic medical staff. His reputation as a physician and as guide of travelers is due to the story in Holy Writ which relates how he brought healing to the elder Tobias, released Sara from being molested by the devil and gave to the youthful pilgrim in his charge, safety, guidance and most notable companionship. (See the Book of Tobit in the Old Testament and read about magnificent Raphael)...

"St. Raphael is the angel of peace, health, and joy."6


1-6 St. Michael and the Angels. Rockford, IL: Tan Books.

" O blessed Gabriel! Tongue of God!

Sweet-spoken spirit! Thou hast shown to us the Word made man;

"He bade thee break His silence here;

the tale thou toldest in Mary's ear,

His coming scarce foreran.

"O Voice! Dear voice! The ages hear that Hail of thine still lingering near, an unexhaustible song..."1


- Fr. Faber

Picture: St. Gabriel, by Duccio


St. Gabriel, God's Ambassador


The name "Gabriel" has been interpreted (to mean) strength of God." Of the three Archangels mentioned in Holy Scripture, St. Gabriel appears to be the King of heaven's chief Ambassador, fittingly endowed with dignity, graciousness, knowledge and discretion. And of all the embassies on which he was sent, the greatest was to announce the wonderful mystery of the incarnation and the mighty work of redemption through the shedding of the blood of the incarnate word."2

It is believed that St. Gabriel announced to the shepherds on the hills of Bethlehem the birth of our savior and that he comforted Him in the Garden of Olives.3


"These are the proofs," (noted) Dom Gueranger, "which St. Gabriel gives of deserving his beautiful name, 'Strength of God.'"4

*Depending upon your needs, be sure to invoke the assistance of these great princes -- Michael for protection, Gabriel for public speaking and to announce Christ or to be a great ambassador, and Raphael for medical assistance, particularly to guide your doctors!

Be sure to pray the St. Michael chaplet in honor of the Great prince! Click here to pray this wonderful chaplet.