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"Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ since 2007." 

"Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ since 2007."

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Who Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is

and Why He Gave His Life in Atonement for Our Sins:

"Jesus Christ is the Eternal Word of God, the one through whom all creation has and will come, the Second person of the Blessed Trinity, equal in substance, essence and majesty to the Father, Creator and Holy Spirit, Sanctifier (the First and Third persons of the Blessed Trinity). As the Eternal Word of God, He took on the flesh of the Blessed Virgin Mary and became true man (a divine person with a divine nature, He took on human nature) lived perfectly, without fault or sin, and sacrificially died on a cross. He did this in order to pay the sin debt incurred and owed to God by Adam and Eve and all of humanity (all human beings, their descendents). He then rose the third day and was glorified by His own power, one with the Father and Holy Spirit and ascended into heaven the fortieth day. He reigns and will reign as King of Kings forever -- one with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

"Jesus died in atonement for our sins to enable every person (through continual faith expressions) to gain and keep for eternity what Adam and Eve possessed before their fall from grace -- spiritual union with God (Himself, the Father and the Holy Spirit), for God's place is with His people (see Revelation 21:3). In short, Jesus gave His life in atonement for our sins and rose and ascended in glory to complete His salvation plan -- to give every human being the opportunity to gain spiritual union with God and communion (union and sharing) with Him and His Church and to enjoy, in heaven, glorification and an infused, ongoing knowledge of God which brings eternal bliss."

- Michael Ruggiero, M.A.
(See the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs 430-452)